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Jack Brand

STC supply, install and calibrate a weighbridge, other scales and CCTV in Great Blakenham, Ipswich, Suffolk

Jack Brand Ltd is a 100 year old traditional, family-run poultry processing company based in Suffolk supplying fresh poultry products to wholesalers, caterers and further processors. It employs around one hundred people.

Weighbridge calibration and service
In 2003, STC was awarded the calibration and maintenance contract for the existing weighbridge. When this weighbridge finally failed in 2007, STC was delighted to install a new surface mounted bridge and interface it to the existing instrumentation.

Platform Scales
In September 2010 Paul Adams one of the directors of Jack Brand Ltd was looking to improve the control of the frozen chicken products. Clark suggested installing a platform scale linked to an indicator and printer which would be capable of producing a sticky label showing product description and also collecting data on product totals.

In 2008, the directors of Jack Brand Ltd decided to invest in security on-site by improving an existing CCTV system. STC had already performed some remedial maintenance on the cameras and had installed a new monitor but now a more sophisticated solution was required. Clark undertook a full site survey along with the directors, Graham and Alison Brand and provided a scheme based on a combination of moveable domes and static cameras both internal and external. The images were made available on the local area network via the Vista Columbus recorder and all senior staff have access to images both live and recorded and can control moveable domes via their PCs (and when away from the office). Since then, STC has undertaken additional upgrades to infra-red lighting and servicing and maintenance and are to add some internal factory cameras to the system.

Alison Brand, director of Jack Brand Ltd commented – "STC are always friendly and reliable. They get jobs done quickly and with minimal fuss. Their pricing is always fair, and we have yet to embark on a project which has not had a successful result."

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