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Sam Cole Food Group - Lowestoft

STC Supply and Service Industrial Scales for Lowestoft Fish Merchant


The Sam Cole Food Group are fish merchants based in Lowestoft and have supplied high quality fish, seafood and meats for over 80 years.



They operate from a brand new, purpose built £2.5M factory which also offers a factory shop for customers to sample their entire product range.



Supply & Service of Industrial Scales (Bench scales & floor scales - Stainless Steel)

Business owner Sam Cole constructed a new factory in 2011 and moved many of the scales from the other production sites into the new site.

Some of these had previously been supplied by STC but some were older machines which we had kept going by simply calibrating once a year for Sam. When three or four machines broke down at the same time Sam decided that it was time to invest in some new equipment and chose STC to supply these.



We recommended the Ohaus defender 3000 range of stainless steel IP66 platforms and supplied two 30 kilo table top scales a 60 kilo box end weigher. These have been extensively used in other fish sites around Lowestoft and are well proven.




Sam is delighted with the new scales as they are not only quicker than the old machines but they also look more in keeping with his state of the art factory.


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