Southern Cement, Ipswich

Weighbridge, Service and Calibration, CCTV

Southern Cement Ltd is a leading importer and distributor of both bulk and bagged cement products and has been successfully supplying the concrete and construction industry in the UK for the last 10 years

Weighbridge Service and Calibration
Avery originally installed the weighbridge in 2002 when the premises were connected into a cement production facility. When the warranty expired in 2003 STC were chosen to maintain and calibrate the weighbridge. The Operations Manager Dean Wessels had received a glowing reference from another of STC’s weighbridge customers on the docks.

In October 2009 Dean began investigating the possibility of CCTV coverage for the site. This was partly for security, partly for production as he could see lorries being loaded under the silo from his office and as it turned out partly for environmental issues.

Dean uses the Columbus recorder to control the moveable domes and archives all recorded data onto a PC. This allows him to view images from cameras, proving for example whether clouds of cement dust were present when a particular boat was being loaded.

Southern Cement commented:
"STC have provided an efficient and professional service for our business whilst still being very competitive.
Their staff are always helpful with a great understanding to fitting in and working around our business when they service or repair our equipment."

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