Muntons upgrade Silo Weighers

June 28, 2018

Muntons, based in Stowmarket Suffolk, one of the country’s leading suppliers of malt, recently undertook an upgrade of some silo weighers and chose STC as their preferred supplier. One of the issues that all silos have is overflow, and in particular when an inaccessible load cell fails, it is not always easy to track.

STC rectified this problem by putting in a ‘smart’ junction box which notifies the operator via a warning siren or light that a fail situation is occurring, this could be as simple as a rodent damaged wire or a failed load cell, or no power to the system. This allows the operator to monitor the flow into the silo so that no spillages are incurred. This was the first of the silos to be monitored at Muntons and they are hoping to continue with this project later in 2018/2019.

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