Brafe Engineering

Industrial Scales, ISO 9000 Calibration

ISO 9000Brafe Engineering is a leading UK manufacturer of high-specification special alloy castings based in Woodbridge, Suffolk. They were established in 1966 and have been a customer of STC since 2002 and use scales supplied and maintained by STC in every area of production.

Weighing Equipment Supplied
Raw materials intake : 1500kg x 0.5kg Weighbeams
Powder mixing : 1.5kg x 0.1g portable Goodscale
Despatch : Modified 1000kg platform scale
Foundry : Two Tamtron Foundry Crane scales with special heat proof shields 5000kg x 1kg
Throughout factory : STC calibrate all scales once per annum to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Graham Feasey, Customer Service Manager, Brafe Engineering - "We have been a customer of STC since their formation. The service they provide has been first rate from day one - from the quick response to breakdown calls, to timely reminders for service visits they are a top rated supplier"