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Southern Cement

New Weighbridges

for Hackney Household Waste site

STC engineer inspects pit for Hackney weighbridge installation2 STC engineers inspect newly installed weighbridge at Hackney waste site

On a routine service visit in 2019, our engineer Gary Foord suggested to Hackney that they might like to consider replacing their existing weighbridges. The ones that they put in 10 years ago were suffering from metal fatigue and this had caused the weighbridges to twist slightly and give inaccurate readings.

Whilst there may have been a way of patching these up, because the existing bridges were low cost and of a low profile design, this would have been extremely costly and would have only extended their lives by a couple of years.

It was decided that replacement weighbridges would be considered and we provided quotes in the summer of 2019, and in March 2020 Hackney placed the order for these. STC use a fabricator based in Sheffield to manufacture all the weighbridge products they supply and we took detailed measurements of the existing weighbridges to enable us to install the new bridges into the same foundations to minimise downtime and cost.

In addition Hackney currently use a JS Weighing Easyweigh Modified software package and this was still running well so it was only necessary to replace the hardware of the bridges, and this was done during a weekend installation, to minimize disruption to the busy services that Hackney provide.

Mark Redgrave of Hackney Borough Council said the installation was ‘exceptionally professionally carried out’ and would have no hesitation in recommending STC for other projects in the future and indeed, to other councils looking for similar work to be carried out. In turn STC would like to express their thanks to Hackney Borough Council for paying all their invoices very promptly this was particularly relevant as all the orders and the installation was undertaken during the initial uncertain stages of the pandemic crisis.