STC offer a wide range of CCTV systems from basic, single camera monitoring and observation, to a complete networked digital camera system and all points in between.

Our experts offer a complete design and installation service, and unlike many of our competitors, our design and recommendation are free of charge. As a truly independent company our engineers have experience of looking after many different systems, often taking over the maintenance of systems installed by other companies.

We currently work with many businesses, schools, town centres and farms looking after CCTV in Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire and are proud of our reputation for offering excellent quality at competitive prices.

Jargon Free CCTV

‘I don’t have any CCTV but would like some – where do I start?’

STC are not into technical jargon and the latest buzz words. We ask real questions when visiting you for a site review and then work out the most effective solution.

What Do STC Do?

  • Digital video recorders

  • IP addressable computer network cameras

  • Full function 360º dome cameras

  • Digital upgrades

  • Network solutions

  • Software solutions

  • Number plate recognition

  • Movement sensors

  • Covert systems

  • Access to 24 Hour Monitoring


We always pride ourselves on a sensible approach to CCTV and in particular realistic pricing and choice of cameras. Today’s monitors and cameras are more sophisticated and sharper. Camera lenses are more powerful and domes are quicker. Devices to deal with multi picture applications have improved immensely, culminating in computer network based images which can be viewed remotely via PC or IPhone. However we don’t hold with the view that cheapest is always best, and will make sure that the equipment is fit for your purpose as there is little point in having a cheap system where the pictures do not show the level of recognition required.


Starting at the most basic entry level internal cameras through to high resolution zoom cameras and power domes.

Digital Recording

We can provide single channel, digital recorders or for a more sophisticated solution multiple inputs up to 16 with up to 6 TB of hard drive       

Who Uses CCTV?

Town Centres
Deterrent to anti-social behaviour
Crime prevention

Warehousing & factories
Production monitoring
Alarm activation

Livestock monitoring
Monitoring of entrances & exits
General security surveillance

Commercial Offices
General surveillance
Entrance monitoring
Monitoring of specific work areas

CCTV Security surveillance
Pupil & staff safety

Retail Shops
General surveillance
Cash register monitoring
Shop lifting deterrent
Staff manning

Waste Disposal Businesses
Weighbridge surveillance

Doctors Surgeries
Staff safety
Entrance monitors

For further information or to book a no obligation appointment please contact Ian or Clark on 01473 833360 or via