Joint collaboration improves traffic flow at Ipswich Dock

July 1, 2017

In 2017, Southern Cement had planned to improve the weighbridge facility at its site on the Ipswich Docks. At this time, it shared an area for loading lorries with Ipswich Grain Terminal and it was decided that Southern Cement would provide a new weighbridge for The Grain Terminal which would be located on some previously unused ABP land; this would allow Southern Cement to utilise the old Avery weighbridge that was being currently run by The Grain Terminal next door to his existing weighbridge facility.

STC Solutions were chosen as the approved supplier and installed the new weighbridge for The Grain Terminal in July 2017.

Some lengthy risk assessments and conversations had to be had with the crane provider as there were some issues with the overhead power cables being very close to the site of the weighbridge. The weighbridge itself was also moved slightly to facilitate the drive-off of the vehicles and this has improved enormously the traffic flow for The Grain Terminal and the through-put at busy times.

Dean Wessels, Operations Manager at Southern Cement, said; “We were delighted to place our business with STC as they had always looked after our weighbridges and also installed our CCTV a few years ago”.

Shaun Dellar, General Manager at The Ipswich Grain Terminal said that The Grain Terminal had improved its handling of the product by as much as 15% across the new weighbridge facility.


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